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by Andrew Dudley
Tue Oct 20, 2015 5:05 pm
Forum: Engraving
Topic: egx 600
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Re: egx 600

Hi Richard,

I don't think it's a part that we sell individually, but comes with the assembely.
Better contact our spares team to see if they can find it.
They can probably email you an exploded diagram to help locate the one your after.
by Andrew Dudley
Fri Jul 24, 2015 12:26 pm
Forum: Say Hello
Topic: EGX-350 Desktop Rotary Engraver - loading dxf files
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Re: EGX-350 Desktop Rotary Engraver - loading dxf files

Recently VCarve Pro has been updated to version 8. This can open DXF and STL files, edit and create and then generate toolpaths and output directly to the machine. It is worth downloading and trying the trial version. You will only need the desktop version for the EGX-350. I would recommend giving i...
by Andrew Dudley
Fri Jul 24, 2015 12:18 pm
Forum: iModela
Topic: Modela player 4
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Re: Modela player 4

Updates can be found here.
by Andrew Dudley
Fri Jul 24, 2015 12:17 pm
Forum: iModela
Topic: iModela + Windows 8
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Re: iModela + Windows 8

Hi Rich,

One issue we get with WIn7 and Win8 installation is that you need to install the softwware before connecting the machine to the PC, can cause issues with that.

I have replied to your other issue on the other post, hope it helps. Let us know either way.
by Andrew Dudley
Fri Jul 24, 2015 12:14 pm
Forum: iModela
Topic: Error : 009
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Re: Error : 009

This error occus when you are using a different command set than what the machien is set to. The two command sets are RML-1 and Gcode (NC Code). On the V-panel, press the Settings button on the bottom right side. Then make sure the command set is set to the correct one (usually just leave it on Auto...
by Andrew Dudley
Fri Jul 24, 2015 12:05 pm
Forum: 3D Prototyping & Milling
Topic: Modela MDX 540 retraction
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Re: Modela MDX 540 retraction

Seems like there is some setting that is causing this. Would you be able to log a tech support ticket and send your file in, then we can try it on one of our demo machines to see if we can replicate it.
by Andrew Dudley
Fri Jul 24, 2015 12:01 pm
Forum: Engraving
Topic: imported CAD drawing
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Re: imported CAD drawing

The line you have probably has a lot of breaks in it - IE it is made of lots of smaller lines.

We get this often when converting a bitmap image into a vector image.

The best way is to use a CAD program to join these lines in a besier curve, that way you will get the cutter following one smooth line.
by Andrew Dudley
Fri Jul 24, 2015 11:56 am
Forum: Engraving
Topic: Colouring Engraved Letters HOW ?
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Re: Colouring Engraved Letters HOW ?

Another one that works is by covering the wood with some self adhesive PVC vinyl, then cut through that vinyl and use it as a mask to paint/spray. This works nicely on wood, acrylic, corian that I have tried.
by Andrew Dudley
Fri Jul 24, 2015 11:53 am
Forum: Engraving
Topic: Parts for Roland PNC-2300A
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Re: Parts for Roland PNC-2300A

Unfortunatly the PNC-2300A is a little old and we cannot get parts for it, but with some parts they are not changed on later models. The nose cone should be similar to the EGX-300, Which is similar to the EGX-350 one. These are the Roland part numbers for the machines if you want to try and source t...
by Andrew Dudley
Fri Jul 24, 2015 11:46 am
Forum: Engraving
Topic: Metaza Studio V2 Update problems
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Re: Metaza Studio V2 Update problems

Version 2 supports the Variable data. It was updated for the Medical MPX-90M marker that does the 2D Codes.

You should not get an issue with the new version on the MPX-90, but I guess what isn't broken and all...

You can always Download Software Updates Here from the website.