I want to do vehicle graphics

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I want to do vehicle graphics

Post by IamGripton » Mon Aug 15, 2011 11:10 pm

Hi, I would like to start printing vehicle graphics like stickers for the sides of vans or motorbikes with the view to progress to full vehicle wraps in a few months. I'm new to digital printing so can anyone recommend a suitable cost-effective machine for producing these sorts of things and help with what material is the most effective one to use...i don't want my graphics peeling off at the first sight of rain!?

I see Roland do a vehicle wrapping course - is this suitable for a beginner? Any help appreciated.

Iain G

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Steve Chappell
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Re: I want to do vehicle graphics

Post by Steve Chappell » Tue Aug 16, 2011 8:59 am

Hi Iain,

Good to see you posting!! Take a look at the VersaCAMM VS range on our website (www.rolanddg.co.uk), this is 8 colour Eco Solvent Print & Cut Inkjet and will be ideal for producing stunning bike decals, vehicle wraps and much much more!! the best way to fully appreciate the VS is to see it in action, I can arrange this for you if that suits just drop me a line on steve.chappell@rolanddg.co.uk. Best of luck starting up!! Steve.

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Rob Goleniowski
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Re: I want to do vehicle graphics

Post by Rob Goleniowski » Thu Aug 18, 2011 9:26 am

Good morning Iain,

Just to follow up from Steve's e-mail, the vehicle wrapping course at the Roland academy is ideal for a beginner as it takes you through the basics with an understanding of the materials and preparation, before you get plenty of hands on wrapping time to develop the technique.

As for materials, many wrappers will tell you they have their own favourite vinyl and this is mostly just personal preference. There are a few things to consider though and your media suppliers can help you here. Most wrapping vinyls are thinner than general vinyl as it allows you to get the media into recesses better, and in order for the adhesion / durability guarantees to be valid there is a matching laminate film that must be used. Preparation of the vehicle to be wrapped must also not be underestimated so make sure you use a suitable degreaser and washing detergent before you apply your prints to get the best adhesion. All of these and many other points are covered on the wrapping course so if some of this is new to you, it may well be worth attending!

As for printers, the extra width offered by the 64" VS-640 will have advantages when wrapping whole vehicles - 64" width will cover the largest panels on most cars (roof, bonnet etc) and you can also do the whole side of many transit vans in one piece - saving you time and effort. If however it is a little bit over your budget, 54" would be the minimum width I would recommend, so you could then consider the VS-540 or the SP-540i.

As Steve mentioned, if you would like to get a demonstration on any of these machines then just let us know.

Rob Goleniowski
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Roland DG (UK) Ltd
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