RF-640 vs VG-640

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RF-640 vs VG-640

Post by wrappingSI » Wed Apr 05, 2017 2:55 pm

We are about to refresh our equipment, got a pretty good deal for our Mutoh ValueJet 1624 printer and Mutoh ValueCut 1800 cutter.

We have 2 options: (both options costs us the same)
1. Roland RF-640 + Summa S2 T160
2. Roland VG-640
As we are changing our equipment rarely, we really would like to make a choice that we will be 100% satisfied with and not regreting it and we need as much information/suggestion/reasons/... as we can get to help us make a smart choice. Below Im listing some our prioraties/facts..

- Our primary product is vehicle wrapping (50% color changes, 50% printed designs)
- print/cut quality is more important than speed
- we have more than enough space for seperated print/cut machines
- whitening when vinyl streching is a big factor (diferent colours in these 2 roland printers)
- we dont do huge volume (max 2 or 3 vehicle wrap prints per week)
- we are not going to print white or metalic, will go eather 2xcmyk or cmyk+light configuration

If you need any other information about us to give better suggestion, by all means, please ask.
Thanks to each and everyone for the help.

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Re: RF-640 vs VG-640

Post by mrtn » Wed Apr 05, 2017 3:27 pm

Pretty sure Roland ink has a better color gamut. I sold a VG in a similar situation where customer had done a difficult test file on all major competitors and a 7-color VG beat all competitors by a huge margin. It's been working for a year now and the customer is happy.
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Re: RF-640 vs VG-640

Post by Rob Goleniowski » Wed Apr 05, 2017 4:45 pm

I'd be tempted to go with the RF-640 and a cutter as if you are laminating most of your work then it potentially will give you a more versatile workflow with the separate cutter as when you are not doing vehicles, you could use the RF-640 to rattle out banners and other prints when your cutter is cutting. A VG-640 is an amazing printer, but I think I'd go RF if I was in your position...

Just as an extra option, right now we have a great package available with the RF-640 and one of our new GR-640 vinyl cutters which would have a great workflow as both items can be driven out of VersaWorks Dual, so moving from printer to cutter is a simple case of drag and drop (https://www.rolanddg.co.uk/sites/sign-a ... 017/offers).
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