Roland Milling to create Prototype

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Roland Milling to create Prototype

Post by pshah » Wed Apr 12, 2017 1:08 pm


We are a small prototyping house located at Pune, India. Currently we have Form2 (SLA) and 5 FDM Printers. We are now planning for a CNC Milling machine and have decided to buy a Roland Product.
With our current setup we have done only prototyping with plastic, so our confusion here is should we go for MDX 540 or MDX 50. We have 0 experience with Milling machine.
Please Advice.

Thanks !
Prashant Shah

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Patrick Thorn
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Re: Roland Milling to create Prototype

Post by Patrick Thorn » Thu Apr 13, 2017 11:45 am

Glad to hear you are looking to get a Roland Mill.
MDX-50 is our newest machine and we say materials that do not include metals.
MDX-540 can do materials unto and including soft metals like Brass and Aluminium.
Both machines include our Roland SRP Player software, so with your experience with STL files, these can be opened and machined in 5 basic steps. ... p-workflow

Should you look to expand your milling capabilities, then our machines support industry NC (G&M) codes which are exported by many other CAM solutions like Fusion360, SolidCAM, RhinoCAM, WorkNC, DelCAM, Vectric etc. That said most users continue to use SRP Player as it is easy to use and makes nice parts.

There are a lot of youtube clips of Roland MDX's milling and making, some are here

In India our contact is

Or is we can be of any help please fill in our contact request
Patrick Thorn
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Roland DG UK Ltd

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