Advice onRoland SG300 or BN-20?

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Advice onRoland SG300 or BN-20?

Post by daniyal » Wed Feb 21, 2018 3:52 pm

hi there i want to know that i have lef 200 planning to buy roland print/cut so which machine is better is terms of quality & speed ?

plus i have heard that BN-20 has more quality results but not speed or similarly te sg 300 has no quality but speed? is that true? i need more advice which to go ?

i need to do heat transfer of tshirts business in bulk quantity ?

many thanks

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Re: Advice onRoland SG300 or BN-20?

Post by PhillyDee » Wed Feb 21, 2018 4:26 pm

The BN20 is slow as hell, great desktop machine with small footprint and excellent quality of print. However, its slow. Really slow. Great for odd jobs and the like. If you already have a market and plan on printing loads, go for the larger machine. I only bought mine as it was second hand from my dealer (with a brand new printhead) and I onl;y do odd jobs on it currently. If I was printing a lot more, I would upgrade in a heartbeat.

Im off to sign and digital this year to look into just that :)
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Re: Advice onRoland SG300 or BN-20?

Post by mrtn » Wed Feb 21, 2018 7:00 pm

SG-300 all day. Not even a question. It's MUCH MUCH MUCH faster and also easier to use due to open design.
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