VS-420 CYAN FAILING - how to fix?

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Jim VS-420
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VS-420 CYAN FAILING - how to fix?

Post by Jim VS-420 » Tue Oct 22, 2019 4:48 pm

Hi all,

Hoping someone can offer some insight.
Our light cyan is dropping out in two patches and by doing this throwing all of our colours off.
Please see pics...
The first showing how it appears every morning.
The second showing how the test looks after soaking the head over night....

...then virtually straight away it reverts back to its previous sorry state.

I have it set up as a CMYK printer, but previously running white and chrome. These two heads dried up a few years ago and I have run cleaning fluid on the metallic since. This has worked fine for a few years, a bit slow, but operational.

I have replaced the felt, wiper and capping unit, I have also replaced the pipes between the pump and the capping unit.

A question... I replaced these pipes thinking that surely they should be full of ink... but couldn't be sure.They were not, and after replacement, still not.

Could someone please check and report back to me the pipes on their machine and tell me how visually the pipes look between the capping unit and the pump?

I am wondering whether I can ascertain whether to replace the pump. If so, is there anything I need to know before committing?
I wondered if the pipes needed priming with a syringe or whether just pulling it out and swapping is suffice.

thanks for any advice you can offer, Jim


Light Cyan temp fix.jpg

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