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SOLJET Pro 4 XR-640 3rd party ink

Posted: Mon Nov 11, 2019 2:14 am
Hope all is well to all .
Just like to share my experience while using the roland SOLJET Pro 4 XR-640 .

PURCHASE NEW in OCTOBER 2014 from authorized agent and only used ROLAND OEM ECO SOL MAX 2 INKS to date .
i never changed dampers and cap tops , but do change wiper and felt every 6 months .
I got exactly 5 years with both heads which was changed in OCTOBER 2019 , offcourse technician changed dampers and captop as well.
Thankful that i got 5 years with the heads , which i believe is due to using only ROLAND OEM INKS .

We all know OEM ink cost more than 3rd party or aftermarket ink , but do we really save more by switching ???????
I have been told using 3rd party inks the machines cleans more , thus using more inks, causing more ink spray or droplets on encoder strip and board, is this really true?
I have been told you must change dampers and captops every 3 months when using 3rd party ink .

Money saved in using third party ink goes back into consumable parts (damper, captop , felt and wiper) plus technician visit minimum 4 per year

So Do we really save money when using 3rd part ink .
Would really like to get feedback from fellow SOLJET Pro 4 XR-640 users