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Uv LEF 20/ Rota print

Posted: Tue Jun 21, 2016 10:02 pm
by daniyal
Hello Guys ,

I'm Danial from pakistan . I am planning to buy a uv lef 20 before that i need to tell me my experience . i have buy a Chinese printer from wer china i had pathetic experience with them in just one year i had two changed the Print head twice a year i am running my customize phone case business but its not in the flow as my machine gets problem in every month .

I had several questions i am planning to buy the uv lef 20

1) The head clogging problem (after how many periods its getting clogged ) any specific reasons?

2) do u use epson printer in roland? because my supplier told me that company is using epson head

3) is it dx5? dx7 ? is the same head which i am using in my chinese?

4) isit a golden surface print head? because the chinese using two heads after my research golden and grey surface head is there any difference?

5) Since i am unable to print white ink on my cases due to head clogging i run cmyk because my phone case base in white so am i able to print on black surfaces? silicon and on transparent one?

6) how much cases i can print in high quality printing ( if i print 10 case)? timings /ink costs

7) do i have to replaced captops ? filter every after six month?

8) Any advice to keep my printer atleast trouble free for 2 years?

9) since i am doing customize printing ( so we have plenty cases of Samsung i phones Motorola huawei etc) can i able to do printing on that without any jig trays?

10) shelf life of inks?

11) Recently i got to know the printing through rota print technology? please give information which type of materials i able to print through rota ? like aluminium or glass please guide me through this

12) cost of rota print technology?

your response in that would be appreciated thanks