I am looking for a job!

Post any work that you need doing - printing, cutting, engraving, 3D prototyping, milling etc.
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I am looking for a job!

Post by steve_witchford@aol.co.uk » Tue Oct 22, 2013 11:25 am

Hello my name is Steve Shipp! I am currently looking for a job in the embroidery, printing or garment decoration industry!

I worked as a manager for 4 years of an embroidery and garment printing business in Cambridgeshire, during my time i worked in all areas of the business and was a strong part in the development of the business taking it from quite a small turnover, to by the time i left, the turnover was 7 times what it was when i joined. The owner of the business said she would happily give me a reference and also says that i was the main reason for the companies growth.

So, what can i do!
- I have extensive knowledge of Corel Draw from version 11 through till X6.
- I can digitise using GS UK's APS Ethos digitising software.
- I can use Brother Embroidery machines so i am sure i can use most embroidery machines.
- Extensive knowledge of using Graphtec and GCC Plotters (So im sure i could use any plotter)
- I can use Roland Versecamm for variety of uses including banner printing, stickers, t-shirt vinyls, as a plotter etc
- Sublimation, the full process.
- Digital printing machines such as Xerox 242, Konica Minolta printers etc
- Invoicing using Sage and many other softwares.
- Graphic design, i have done 100's of design projects including Business Cards, Logo and Branding design, Flyers, Posters Etc
- AND finally, SALES! I am very good at sales and closing the sale! Naturally good with customers and customer service.

Am i a PRO that knows everything? NO! Certainly not but i do have extensive knowledge of this market. I am willing to learn new things, and always open to new ways of working and ideas, i am not someone set in my own ways of doing things, i will follow guidelines and ways of working.

If you have a job you think i may be suitable for please get in touch, any job considered!

Many Thanks

Steve Shipp
01353 610210

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