How to drill holes in SRP player?

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How to drill holes in SRP player?

Post by Silvia » Mon Dec 05, 2016 5:17 pm

Dear all,
Hi, my name is Silvia. I use a Roland MDX40A, with SRP player. I am trying to drill 50x50 holes in a thin plastic sheet. I designed a square plate of 0.4 mm thick, with the holes in it. Saved as stl, and opened in srp player. After quite some trials I found out that in 'grinding' mode the tool does not lift above the work piece, so my thin work piece is damaged. In 'finishing' mode the tool does lift. I do not want the tool to move over the entire surface like a milling tool, I only want to drill the holes.
For holes of 0.4 mm I can not get the thing to work with a tool of 0.4 mm diameter. I have to trick the software into thinking the tool has a diameter of 0.3 mm.
The generated tool path depends on whether I do a partial or full z-depth setting, and even on how deep I set the z values... Maybe also on the thickness of my part and the thickness of my model?
For 20x20 holes I accidentally got it to work... but now I'm stuck again...
If I also select the top of the work piece, then the whole top surface is milled, and sometime a few RANDOM holes are milled (takes very long). If I start my selection below the surface, then sometimes nothing is milled, sometimes only a few RANDOMLY selected holes are milled... I am stuck. How to set the settings so all holes are finished as if I do a drilling action?
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Re: How to drill holes in SRP player?

Post by Patrick Thorn » Tue Jul 11, 2017 3:42 pm

The latest SRP Player has drilling at a location you specify, but cannot detect holes in an STL.
For drilling a profile milling, Cut2D by is a powerful and in expensive solution
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