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Roland JDXI synthesizer - design flaw

Posted: Sat Sep 16, 2017 6:43 pm
by tangman
my stagename is TangMan, my band is Rockit Writer.
i use the Roland JDXI to sequence live onstage in accompaniment with singer and guitar
i have had problems with the knobs on the JDXI, and had it serviced this past year to replace the volume knob

now i'm having a problem with the TEMPO knob's aberrant behavior of changing tempo. the only logical explanation i
can determine is that its sensitivity reacts to any slight brushing of the knob when i press nearby buttons or knobs, or when
physical vibration is too great from other sound devices, or possibly the electronic pulses generated from its instrument voices.

i've complained to Roland that this is not only a problem, but a design flaw, that the knob should be able to turn off the tempo adjustment completely, so that i can only set the tempo thru the menu settings. after all, why would i change the tempo on the fly when the song is written to a certain tempo?

but Roland support refuses to acknowledge this, and claims their tests show my unit just needs a repair job which i must pay for myself thru a lot of driving and effort. fyi they have also stated there is no ability in the software to calibrate the sensitivity of the tempo knob or turn it off.

i think anyone with the same experience on this device should contact Roland and complain, until they are willing to fix this DESIGN FLAW

Re: Roland JDXI synthesizer - design flaw

Posted: Sat Sep 16, 2017 10:37 pm
by mrtn
It's an interesting issue. The music forum has been offline for a while now and us - printer geeks - are of no help here.

I hope they'll get it back running.