Which Ink setup for new VG2-640?

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Which Ink setup for new VG2-640?

Post by mathias » Thu May 09, 2019 4:54 pm


I have ordered a new VG2-640 and am now struggling to make the right choice in regards to the ink setup. I have ruled out the CMYKLcLmLk + Orange and am now stuck deciding between 2x CMYK or CMYKLcLmLk + White.

I will mainly use the printer for vehicle graphics and other signage where I would like to achieve a finish perhaps comparable to a typical bus stop 6 sheet advertisement.

Is it worth sacrificing the smoother colours in favour of being able to print a lot faster if business does go well?

Furthermore, I find the idea of printable vinyl such as the Arlon IllumiNITE very appealing - will the lack of white ink cause me issues in that regard?

Is there anything else that might not be visible at face value?

I would greatly appreciate any advice as I am seriously stuck. :|

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Re: Which Ink setup for new VG2-640?

Post by Joe Wigzell » Tue May 14, 2019 10:12 am

Each option has its benefits!
You probably need to look at predicted volumes to establish whether you will need the speed or not.
White ink is great for certain applications, but if you never use it you will regret choosing it.

Only you know the answers as you know your business!
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