"High Opacity White" media profile for UVS inks

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"High Opacity White" media profile for UVS inks

Post by Nik » Thu Dec 15, 2016 6:56 am

Hello Everyone,

Newbie on the forum here. I did an extensive search here in the forum and on the internet, but could not find an answer to my question. I'm sorry if I've missed something already discussed.

I have an LEJ-640, currently running with UVS inks CMYKWW. In most cases the white seems good enough, but when printing on clear media I need even more opaque white. Before switching to UVS inks, I used UV inks and when I needed extra opacity of the white, I used media profile called "High Opacity White". After switching to UVS inks, I no longer have this profile available. I looked up all the possible sources for media profiles and even contacted Roland and sent an online request explaining the issue, but they told me they would make it only if the demand for the profile is high enough, but since it isn't I have to find another solution..

I know that I can create my own profile, but the starting point is always the generic profile which is set to have the ink density for the special inks at "100% ( 2x50)" which I think means both white nozzles to be shooting at 50% achieving a total of 100% and I see no option to change this setting. I think the "High Opacity White" profile is set to have both heads to shoot at 100% and that's exactly what I need for my application.

Here are several questions:
1. Do you know a way to change the settings for the special ink so both heads shoot at 100%?
2. Is there a way to make the existing "High Opacity White" UV ink profile to be made compatible with UVS inks? I tried to load it into Versaworks, but got a message the profile is not compatible with the ink type. If made compatible, would it be safe to use or is it dangerous for the printer?
3. Can you recommend me someone who I can pay to have the profile made?
4. Is there another software, beside Versaworks, that the media manufacturers are using to create those custom profiles? Obviously Versaworks doesn't let one change all settings, so I assume there must be a more advanced software for that.
5. Can someone share a screen shot from the menu that shows the special ink limit in the "High Opacity Ink" profile? I want to make sure that's really different

I've been trying to solve this for well over a month now and it's driving me crazy. Especially because I know there must be a solution.

Thanks in advance.

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