MPX 90 Engraving Issue

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MPX 90 Engraving Issue

Post by dmellis » Thu Jan 31, 2019 6:37 pm

Would appreciate any help or advice on solving an engraving issue. The MPX engraves fine with nose cone but does occasionally leave nose cone scrapes, hence we do all our work when we can without the nose cone.

Without nose cone it engraves fine from the bottom to towards the top, then the last top right corner the print head gets too close to the material surface and drags slightly causing the head to scrape lines into the metal.

I have tried adjusting the slope and even used the highest setting that improved slightly but still causing an issue. Also changed engraving materials base mat etc and also adjusting the striking force but still the same.

Is this a fault that I would need a repair or is there a solution to get this working? thank you.

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