Faulty MDX-40 Y-axis home position

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Faulty MDX-40 Y-axis home position

Post by yungamos » Tue Nov 29, 2016 6:29 pm

Dear all,

I am a newbie in this forum and is asking for your opinion on how to fix my old Roland MDX-40.

I was using this machine in the morning without problem. Then I moved it to another workshop by a truck and when I tried to power it up in the new location, the Y-axis home position seems get off-set by 3-5mm.

Every time I power it up, the platform moves to the end of the chamber, and then move to the front end. After the relocation, the moving table hit the front of the chamber and the belt just skip by 1 step, a loud metal knocking sound is heard.

I tried to stop the machine during the power up self testing phrase when the table is stopped at the rear end. Before the relocation, the spindle should point to the front left corner of the platform - but I found the Y-axis is off-set by 3-5mm (the platform move to the front by 3-5mm).

I opened the Y-axis belt cover and visual checked every components but did not spot anything suspicious. The Y-axis limit sensor seems in working order. The magnet doesn't seems loose.

Could anyone point me to the possible cause of the problem? Is there a chance of a "near-to-die" Y-axis limit sensor which create this problem?

It is an old and reliable machine, and I want to be sure if I can fix it before I call for maintenance.

Thank you for your help in advance.


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