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EGX 600 bed not level

Posted: Wed Mar 29, 2017 10:38 am
by Stephen Stulberg
Hi all,
I hope someone can help. We have an EGX 600 and recently we are starting to experience an un level bed.
Our senior colleague who set up the engraver retired 2-3 years ago. With there being no issues with the unit we went about our business.

But recently I am in the process of making an A4 label sign on 1.5mm green/white/green hard engraving laminate.
The cutter was zero'ed in an area were the text was to be and this went well cutting to a depth of 0.4mm all the text came out clear.
Now the text cutting took quite some time as we use an engraving tool (15' 0.1 mm Tip Dia) and I was over cautious and cut at a thin 0.02 layer for sharp edges to the letters.
But the cutting of a inlay border down to the white layer has shown up a issue with the bed not being level.

The origin being at 0.00 but the upper right corner is a lot lower at 0.7mm.

I noticed the six guide securing screws loose and one actually missing. What are these used for! page 55 of the user manual tries to explain what they are for but doesn't go far enough. While these were loose was the bed moving in Z!!

Help would be apreciated...

Re: EGX 600 bed not level

Posted: Fri Mar 31, 2017 9:46 am
by Kai Perry
Place a sacrificial sheet on the bed and engrave through it to create a flat bed.

Just create a box with a fill and a suitable depth for cutting.