XJ-640 Wrong head is installed

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XJ-640 Wrong head is installed

Post by NicoARG » Wed Sep 19, 2018 1:21 am

Hi everyone.
I'm having "Wrong head is installed" error after main board was replaced.

Another company engineer was in charge of this machine, but after some mistakes customer decided to call us.
1- 1st issue is that he didn't save the old main board information and he took it away.
2- He installed a main board part number 1000005214 and according to the service manual, the original part number is 6700739040.
3- In order to load the firmware, I had to put all the switch in off position (bit3 was on)
4- Once the firmware was updated, I followed all the procedures in the service manual.
5- In service mode all heads can print.
6- I introduced a head rank i have a picture of in my laptop.

Machine has only 4 heads installed (I don't know why) CMYK. The fuse for heads 5 and 6 is removed.

I will get other machine parameters in order to load them in this machine and try to solve this problem this way.

Thanks in advance!

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