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Old Roland Cutter

Post by Lara Croft » Thu Oct 10, 2019 12:14 pm

Hi :-)

I have a problem :-(

I have a Roland CX-24 (Serial # ZT11590)which was purchased through Xpres in Castle Donington around 2005.
I have started having problems with the cut line crispness. The curves are jagged and not smooth.

It is far more evident in the smaller logos than the bigger ones but consistent throughout both.

I have already replaced the blade for a new one and also the white strip that runs under the blade.

I have also attempted to clean up the rollers to remove dirt and grime.

I have also noticed that the flex can move very, very slightly when being fed back and forth through the cutting process.

Both logos supplied are 100mm wide and the smaller text and phone number are especially bad.

The settings I tend to use for regular clothing vinyl flex are :

Force 100g
Speed 30
Offset .25

Attached are photos which I hope will help.

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