Replace head required for MPX 90 after just one week

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Replace head required for MPX 90 after just one week

Post by Yorkie » Tue Oct 30, 2012 8:29 pm

Having used our new MPX 90 impact engraver for approxiamtely 1 week ( no more then 20 small jobs ) the quality suddenly diminished and to our horror we discovered that the print head needed replacing. We were very careful to ensure that we used it correctly and always engraved with the head cap on and never over holes or edges.
It has cost us a lot of money to replace the head and if this keeps happening then this product just isn't viable.
Has anyone else had print heads fail for no apparent reason or have we just been unlucky ?

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Kai Perry
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Re: Replace head required for MPX 90 after just one week

Post by Kai Perry » Thu Nov 01, 2012 5:48 pm


From your post it sounds like you may have accidentally damaged the printhead, have you tried printing on the test material and also running the imact calibration at all?

If not try running this and this should help you determine if the head needs replacing.
Kai Perry
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Re: Replace head required for MPX 90 after just one week

Post by johns » Tue Nov 20, 2012 3:20 pm

I have had the same problem with two heads.

I only had the machine for a few weeks and it had to go back as the print head started engraving with lines in. I then got machine back and the control board blew up as a loose wire from the back of the head area had touched another and blew up the board.

Then I got a replacement machine and things were going great until the print head failed again before engraving 100 items. This time I took the head apart and it seemed that the needle was stuck so managed to get it free and testing now but it seems that it may not be working 100% as had a couple of pictures not 100%. You know if I send it back its going to be my fault. Despite the fact I have been really careful the same as you. I have had to shut down that part of the company until new heads become available end of this month as I don't want to risk head going down without a backup.

I am an ex cnc engineer with laser and routing and also used to build them so my understanding of the technology is not basic.

I suspect the heads are not as reliable as they are making out.

I have invested over £20,000 in stock machine and time and now I still have a machine which I am uncertain will be viable. I am so unhappy its a joke. This was not just 20,000 pounds it was the food off my family table.

Also the green heads seem to be wearing out very quickly after less than 100 items of just few lines of text which means each item is costing about 8-10p in green heads which is ridiculous as the operating costs I was told were about 0.06p per item photo quality imprinting.

If this machine does not settle down and start being cost effective I will even start my own website up to tell everyone as I am logging everything.I cannot loose this amount of money based on what I was told. I even calculated in when thinking about purchasing that we may only get half the running costs they said, little did I know it may not even be viable in the first place unless I can charge 50 pounds an item.

In Rolands favour they have replaced the machine but anyone thinking of making a business out of this machine they may have to look very hard before going ahead. I was also going to purchase a Egx 360 but that will not happen now.

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Andrew Dudley
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Re: Replace head required for MPX 90 after just one week

Post by Andrew Dudley » Tue Nov 20, 2012 6:19 pm

I am very sorry that you have had issues with your MPX-90 heads. Usually these heads are very reliable and most of our users do not have an issue.
Did you contact your dealer regarding this or did you contact us directly?
If you have your old head still you can send it back to us and we can examine the head for you if you have not already.

Again I am sorry you have had issues with your machine. I know we recently had an issue with our courier company delivering machines in less than ideal condition, which severely affects these precision machines and obviously exacerbates the situation.
With regards to the ware on the nose cones, it really does depend on the material that you are engraving and how abrasive it is. The green nose cones are more suitable for rounded materials when engraving on a curved surface. We do have a new blue nose cone that we are trialling at the moment, which is made out of a harder material and will last longer, however it is only suitable for flat objects due to the shape of it.
If you would like to contact our tech team we could send you a few to trial.
Andrew Dudley
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Re: Replace head required for MPX 90 after just one week

Post by dante01 » Wed Mar 20, 2013 5:14 am

I am really disappointed with Roland's new product I am using Rolant's engraving printers since 2004. The best engraving machine they made was MPX60 and I am still using it. MPX70 changed head 4 times each head was $400; however it will not worth $50, but none else making it so we have to pay it. MPX90 Paid over $4,000 changed head 2 times one head was $400 other was $350 and bought 20 green each set was $29, but will not worth $1. again none else making it and we don't have choices. So far I spend $4,870 on MPX90 Haha I paid $3,000 to my car. Now I need to replace my head again and new head is $360. Why? If this head is not that quality why they are charging to to to much from us. :cry: In one year 3 heads :idea:

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Re: Replace head required for MPX 90 after just one week

Post by STONEFACE1099 » Sun May 12, 2013 10:40 am

I am having the same problem with the mlx 80. Of the 9 carbide tips, one maybe lasts 15 jobs before it starts diminishing... Its really frustrating. Anyone have any knowledge of any other printers out there that are more reliable?

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Re: Replace head required for MPX 90 after just one week

Post by happypettag » Thu Dec 05, 2013 4:53 pm

Hi all friend,
I do facing the problem you had met. But i can find the solution, Actually the Diamond head itself is no problem.
The problem is the green cap head (which is super easy become flatten after 200 item engrave.

Now i pull out the green cap, not use it any more.I believe this youtube video can show you a very clear how to engrave without green cap. It works!
Please do reply me if it works or not.

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Re: Replace head required for MPX 90 after just one week

Post by Apulido » Fri Nov 25, 2016 9:47 pm

It is unbelievable that after so many years they still have the same issues with this printer. I purchased a used one in 2015 and also a new head, it worked for a while then starting having the same line issues so I sent the machine to roland for them to take a look. I paid over $500 between shipping and getting it fix, they told me it was a used unit and needed a new head. Instead of buying the head I decided to purchase a new one from Roland and believe me what a mistake. it worked for a week and then the same problems started. I contacted them they sent me a replacement head, one week later (less than 50 tags done) same issue, called them again and now they were saying it was my fault. It is a long story but to make it short they were always putting the blame on me saying it was the material I was using (which is the same one they recommended me). I hate this printer and I hate their customer service, I spent my only savings on this project and it was the worst mistake. I will advise anyone not to buy this item at all.

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Re: Replace head required for MPX 90 after just one weekqql

Post by mbaez317 » Wed Mar 28, 2018 3:48 am

I cannot believe that in reading these posts, so many people have had the same exact problem with the Roland MPX-90 and the way it prints, as well as it’s quantity, just like I have!

It is so infuriating to see replies from Roland employees or associates, like on here, who do absolutely NOTHING but claim they’re so sorry for the trouble we are having, and then go onto putting the blame solely on us for the piece of junk they have sold us and ripped us off with! I guess every single person who has bought this machine is uneducated, ignorant, and has absolutely no clue what they’re doing! We must ALL be using the wrong material blanks and using the machine incorrectly! Yeah, that makes comeplete sense!

I got mine back in late 2014/ beginning 2015. After end graving no more than 15-20 flat sterling silver or stainless steel blanks, the head started printing very light, where you could hardly even make out the letters, and about another 10 medium to small blanks after that, which 90% of the tags or blanks I was making was with a single name or date on them, the machine started scratching the entire blank or tag and you could not even make out the name or anything on it.

I have never even done a picture on this machine! -Only text, and have had to pay $350 timesnn to have the print head replaced 4 times within 2 years!!!! Because I have not used it in well over a year now because I had to remove every single custom item from my online shop because I had no idea when the machine would or would not have been jit work!

Within those 2 years, I did about 50-55 tags with either a name, a date, or a 4-8 word sentence and I paid $3,000 for the machine as I bought it from someone who had purchased it from Roland, plus $350 x 4 = $1,400. So I ended up paying $4,400 for about 55 jobs I made for customers. Which means each one of those tags or blanks, cost me $80 to engrave, without even considering the cost of the blanks and my time! Not to mention that I was charging about $10-15 each job was for those same blanks or tags, so I ended up paying out of pocket about $65 per blanks I made so that I could waste my own time and donate the tag to those customers! How absolutely ridiculous can that get!

And then this guy has the nerve to claim how reliable their print heads really are and goes on to blaming their piece of junk machines output on either us, the actual customers they scammed, or the shipping company who simply delivered their junk machine to their customers! You have some nerve!

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