Millbox Update – 1.0.4 – The DWX-4W Implant Update

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Millbox Update – 1.0.4 – The DWX-4W Implant Update

Post by Andrew Dudley » Mon Jul 11, 2016 3:55 pm

Today we are rolling out the new version of Millbox for the DWX-4W, version 1.0.4

The main update in this version is the ability to mill crowns with implant holes, as you can see in the below images, you simply select the strategy as you would for an inlay/onlay/crown as normal, but with this strategy we can now mill the implant holes too.
Millbox Update 2.jpg
Millbox Update 1.jpg
Millbox Update 3.jpg
Please note that as for any case, you need to consult with the material manufacturers recommendations for wall thicknesses and other tolerances that the material can maintain.
This update is available via download, please contact the Roland team on 01275 335540 or email and have your machine serial number ready.
Once the update is downloaded, it is simply a cans of running it and it will update all the relevant folders.

While we have tested this update on a number of computer types, it is advisable with any update to create a restore point on your computer and back up any important files should anything unexpected occur.

This update is free for anyone on the 2016 version of the software.
Andrew Dudley
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Re: Millbox Update – 1.0.4 – The DWX-4W Implant Update

Post by chrisjgau » Sun Mar 26, 2017 10:17 am

Dear Andrew
I am writing to you in desperation re my DWX-4W. I am a dentist in Sydney, Australia and purchased my DWX-4W from a local distributer, Henry Schein-Halas. I have 9 years experience using CAD/CAM with Sirona CEREC redcam, Bluecam, compact mill and MCXL.

Henry Schein is a giant US dental supplier who has purchased the largest Australian dental retailer. I purchased from them thinking that they would supply the best after sales service but I have found that they try to sell a very wide brand range of equipment and do not have the staff with sufficient experience to backup their products.

My tale of woe is as follows

1. Mill delivered in June 2016 but no one arrived to install. After many phone calls an IT person sent to install software but would not install mill. Had to wait one week for technicians to install mill
2. No Coolant additive supplied with kit, ordered but waited one month to be delivered.
3. Told I would receive a day of training, still hasn’t eventuated.
4. Had trouble milling a three unit eMax bridge with 40mm block. Lost two blocks with fracturing through sprue. Made the sprue as large as possible and fractured the bur rather than break the block. Two burs broken
5. Emails to Roland – told to contact supplier.
6. Contacted by IT person who checked version of Vpanel (1.20) and Millbox(1.01). Found no errors
7. MY MISTAKE – In a hurry had two blocks in holder and entered the wrong block to mill. The bur hit block hard and jammed. HSH contacted but said could not help, sent Roland tech. Tech fixed and said that all my problems were related to insufficient coolant, coolant not hitting tip of bur.
8. Milling a single unit from a 40mm block the 125D bur overheated at first touch and knocked diamonds from bur. Water almost new but cleaned the water spouts and water stream was on bur so tried again with same result and loss of second bur.
9. Saw your post re Millbox update and emailed Roland Tech if I could get this free update. He said yes but would have to come from HSH. HSH emailed and rep returned by phone to say no updates for free but would ring re cost. No return call received.
10. Emailed Roland tech who said HE would contact HSH. No reply from HSH.
11. Complaint lodged with HSH. IT support responded and installed VPanel 1.30 only via Teamviewer. Have not used mill for 3 months as reticent to break any more burs.

I have tried to order a spare coolant container and filter to use perfectly clean water on every mill but HSH did not have details of coolant container. I don’t know whether later Millbox will give better results or whether water supply is the only problem. My questions are

1. Do you know of any one with similar problems ?
2. Am I eligible for a free upgrade from Millbox V 1.01 to V 1.04
3. Can you supply an upgrade ( even if I have to pay)

If anything is possible I have attached Serial numbers
S/N Mill 2CH0288
Dongle 9806
Chris Gorman

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Re: Millbox Update – 1.0.4 – The DWX-4W Implant Update

Post by Samika579 » Mon Mar 11, 2019 11:20 am

That was some great information on millbox.

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