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Re: Best Material MPX 90

Post by Andrew Dudley » Fri Jul 24, 2015 11:40 am

With the MPX-90 you can use the nose cones to 'float' on the surface of the material to get an even height (by default).
If you are engraving flat items, you can lock the head height and remove the nose cone, but it should not effect the impact in this way.

My 'checklist' for this would be:
  • Try different material (ie Polished metal works best)
    Turn off the machine, remove the head, take off the nose cone and give it a good clean.
    Re Calibrate the head (MPX-90 Head manager)
    Check you are using the correct settings (ie Brass, Steel) in the driver settings.
Then after that, before changing the head I would:
  • Print but adjust the Gamma in the Print Preview, default is 0.5 - so move up to 0.9 and see if it is better.
    If you are printing on Brass, try the Steel settings as it is a harder impact.
After that if a new head doesn't make things better (may be that the diamond has lost it's sharpness) then contact our tech team directly.

It all depends on the material used, but the heads can do about 2100 'inch square' photographs in it's life, however as the diamond looses it's sharpness over time, the results may change.
If you use High Quality setting or Photo Setting this number will change too, it all depends on the dpi.
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Re: Best Material MPX 90

Post by NoodlCZ » Sun Nov 27, 2016 1:56 pm


i have the same problém. i had photo with good quality but suddenly i almost can not see the photo on pendant.
But i dont know how to check if the diamond is broken. I cant click on any button on head manager (metaza is connected witc PC and its power on)

Could you please tell me in details how to check if is the diamond broken and how to clean the head?

thank you a lot for any help
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