MPX 90 Faint Engraving

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MPX 90 Faint Engraving

Post by emilylim22 » Fri Aug 07, 2015 1:05 pm

My MPX 90 engraves faintly now. I tried switching and cleaning the head caps, it worked. Partly. The top right side and bottom is quite faint. I believe the head caps are the problem, however I've used up all my head caps and it takes almost 2 weeks to receive replacements. I want to try engraving without the cap but I'm not sure how to calibrate the head height and everything. I tried searching online to no avail. I also read the manual but could not find anything to help me. Can anyone help me out? Thanks in advance!

Aaron Osborn
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Re: MPX 90 Faint Engraving

Post by Aaron Osborn » Wed Aug 12, 2015 10:46 am

Good morning Emily,

If you are having issues with the image coming out faint then the first step is to use the head manager software, this will allow you to re-calibrate the head. Overtime the diamond tip of the head will degrade and need to be told to hit a little harder. The test involves the machine printing a grid out. After this grid is printed out it will put dots inside the grid. The objective is to pick the last dot that you can see on the grid. If you cannot see any dots (You probably will from your description) then set the machine at A-1 then perform the operation again.

If the head caps are the issue you will usually find they leave a haze around an image - often called ghosting. This is where the swarf is being dragged around by the cap. Often all this needs is for the cap to be cleaned and perhaps a little light oil applied to the very edges. The oil would provide some lubricant to allow for greater freedom of movement. This light oil would not include WD40.

This is the first step rather than running the unit without the headcap.
Aaron Osborn
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