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Mayka 7 post processor files

Posted: Tue Aug 08, 2017 3:34 pm
by gerald nolan
I recently re-installed Mayka 7 on a computer Running Windows 10. We use Mayka to operate an MDX540 milling machine with automatic tool changer. The re-installation was done as part of an attempt to re-connect the MDX540 to the pc. ( a recent post on this forum). The problem now is that the post processor files in mayka now seem to be incompatible with Windows 10. I was previously able to get new post files from Picasoft ( makers of Mayka ) and replace the ones in the program to fix the problem. Mayka cannot export toolpaths with more than one registered tool. Single tool only, no tool change possible. I can work around this obviously but its a shame not to have the ATC working. I've tried to contact Picasoft but they're closed for holidays, Its in France and I think the whole place just stops for August. I may get help from them eventually but I thought I'd try a long shot here. Has anybody else out there got Mayka 7 running an MDX540 with Windows 8 or later. If somebody could copy and send me these files from Picasoft/Mayka 7/post , it would help to get this up and running again.
The files are
RDG MDX540 RML ATC XYZ(mm).post
RDG MDX540 RML ATC AXYZ(mm).post
Mayka is not a Roland product so please excuse me asking on this forum. Any help would be appreciated.

Re: Mayka 7 post processor files

Posted: Tue Aug 08, 2017 4:30 pm
by gerald nolan
Just to get back on this. I managed to locate the appropriate files on an old disc. ATC working now. I think Patrick Thorn sent them to me ages ago. That'll teach me to file things properly.