Feeds Speeds and DOC for Polycarbonate and PMMA

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Feeds Speeds and DOC for Polycarbonate and PMMA

Post by drehman » Sat Nov 04, 2017 11:27 pm

Dear Experts,

- I have to make a few parts by milling polycarbonate and PMMA using MDX40A. I was wondering what feeds/speeds and depth of cut (DOC) are good point to start with?

- I know SRP player recommends values, but we use another CAM software in our lab, therefore would appreciate if someone can suggest a decent start point. Feeds and speeds (chip load) recommended by various CNC forums are crazy high for MDX40A and mostly lie out of bounds

- I have also experienced melting. A quick search on google tells that most of the people machine it using air or mist cooling. Or is is it doable without any coolant (even air)? And cutter gets stuck if I increase the doc more than 0.1mm. Remedies please ...

Thanks :)

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Re: Feeds Speeds and DOC for Polycarbonate and PMMA

Post by PhillyDee » Sun Nov 05, 2017 4:46 pm

Yeah, the speeds and feeds etc you will find on sites are usually fine for machines designed for milling and are rigid enough. The problem you have is PMMA etc will melt at high spindle speeds if you are not going fast enough in the feedrate. But you need higher torque in the spindle. Thats probably why yours is sticking. What cutters are you using? This will also make a difference. I would prefer an FC3 style cutter for plastics and the like. At the very least you want a helical cutter and not a straight bit.
My background is CNC machining, so I am the sort that will use crazy speeds and feeds as you put it :D.
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Re: Feeds Speeds and DOC for Polycarbonate and PMMA

Post by Patrick Thorn » Sun Nov 05, 2017 5:27 pm

For all users, you can launch SRP Player and look at the listed materials.
They show the federates, spindle speeds, depth of cut etc for the material and the selected cutter.
These are what work in SRP Player, so should be a good guide to start with.
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