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January 22nd 2018 - SRP Player 1.40

Posted: Mon Feb 05, 2018 4:29 pm
by Patrick Thorn
SRP Player had a recent major update with many new features to allow more flexibility, plus some "under the hood" work to enhance your workflow.

Updater to Ver.1.40 is available on our download site under the 3D section. Choose your machine. Please note updaters only update and existing installation of the previous SRP Player installation.

Some of the key points are:-

• More than one SRP Player session can be activated on the same PC.
• Cutting process can be created manually now.
• Toggle view in Preview cutting, with or without modelling form.
• In the cutting depth settings, the top of the model can be set as zero point.
• [Contour + Scanline] can be selected in [Finishing] now.
• [Scan Lines] and [Cutting parameters] can be set in [Option] > [Surfacing].
• On finishing of contour lines, tiered shapes, the top surface of the lower tiered shape is cut regardless of cutting pitch.
• Origin point is now saved in the project file.
• Tools used in each process are displayed now.
• Process and tools can be viewed now without switching the menu to [Edit] in [3. Create the Cutting Data] palette.
• Settings for the machine with ATC have been added to the initial value of cutting parameters. - Work efficiency is now improved by selecting a large tool diameter for roughing.
• Previous set value is now saved in [2. Type of Milling] palette.

Note: SRP Player is an application for 32 bit. On Windows OS 64-bit, it works on WOW64 (Windows-On-Windows64).