MDX-40A and SRP questions

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MDX-40A and SRP questions

Post by PaulDF » Thu Jul 05, 2018 12:49 pm

I have several questions re: the MDX-40A, or more precisely, the SRP software. It’s a great machine but there are a few things I just cannot figure out, or find the answer to. I hope these are clear…

1. Is it possible, in SRP Player, to set roughing and smoothing toolpaths which use different tools? I mean, after loading the file and work piece etc., I cannot seem to be able to edit the toolpaths and select say 6mm rounded for roughing, then 3mm rounded for smoothing. I had expected to be able to do this, so when the machine finishes the roughing it pauses, allows for a tool change to the 3mm (ensuring the tools are the same length), then the I run the smoothing passes.

2. Is it possible to mill an object from material without leaving a “wall” of material? E.g. if I have a 100 x 100 x 20 model, the minimum material size might be 110 x 110 x 30. If I do not cut all the way through, the model is machined into a recess with a 5mm "wall" preserved on each side. Can I get the machine to remove this?

3. As the work piece needs to be larger than the model, and the model is always in the centre in the work piece (5mm excess top and bottom in the example above). Is it possible to move the bottom surface of the model to meet the bottom surface of the work piece. For a “one-sided” object with straight sides, I want to be able to mill straight down, through the entire thickness of the material.

Are there any documents aside from the basic manual I should read?

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Re: MDX-40A and SRP questions

Post by Patrick Thorn » Wed Jul 25, 2018 6:52 pm

Just a couple of quick answers.
1. Yes you can use multiple tools, SRP Player will prompt you to do the manual tool change and set your next tool to the same Z0 with the Z0 Sensor.
2. Make the SRP material larger that your actual material, the sw will cut to that size, it cannot see your real material.
3. Yes in the latest SRP Player update, all is possible.

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