Free HSMExpress CAM for SolidWorks Users of Roland machines

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Free HSMExpress CAM for SolidWorks Users of Roland machines

Post by Patrick Thorn » Tue Jul 16, 2013 10:32 pm

For quite sometime HSMWorks has been a CAM for SolidWorks users, then the guys at HSM made HSMExpress which is free for anyone who has SolidWorks. When asked by a MDX40A user they made a simple post processor to output NC Codes.
We got to have a go and helped HSM perfect the NC Code output so it works for all the Roland milling machines with NC support like iModela, MDX40A, MDX-540 etc. Then so all the other users with earlier model machines that only have RML(Roland Machine Language), like MDX-20, PNC-3200 etc, we worked with HSM to make a RML post processor.
I am pleased to say, with our limited experience in SolidWorks, then the HSM Express provided an easy route to drive our machines in both languages (RML & NC).
Here is a Youtube clip

Please note Roland DG cannot support any technical questions for this, but you can find all you need at:

If you use HSMWorks you can always ask HSM for the latest "Roland rml.cps" & "Roland nc.cps" post processors.
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Re: Free HSMExpress CAM for SolidWorks Users of Roland machi

Post by Grey Matter Designs » Thu Mar 02, 2017 12:57 pm

Hi Patrick,

Thanks for this lead. I am behind the times. I needed to machine an internal helix and was very stuck.

As you know I run Solidworks and a MDX40A so HSMExpress may be perfect. Will let you know how I get on (with the swearing deleted!). Though so far the tutorials seem straight forward, but they always do don't they.

All the best,


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