MDX 40 - stopping mid way through job?

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MDX 40 - stopping mid way through job?

Post by Safa » Wed Dec 02, 2015 3:41 pm

I am using Dr Engrave with my MDX 40 milling machine - sometimes the cutter will stop part way through a project and just 'sit there' , but continuing to spin.

I have tried pausing and resuming printing - the head just goes back to start position.

I can see the job is there in the queue, but I can't reactivate it. Sometimes, by shutting down and restating computer the machine will kick in again or I can start it as a new job and it will start from scratch without a problem.

Sometimes the MDX40 printer icon shows an exclamation mark and, by troubleshooting, I read that there is something paused in queue to print - which can be resolved by troubleshooting.

but then I might have same problem again.

Does anyone know this problem and have some advice please?

probably totally unrelated, I also have an exclamation mark that 'biometric coprocessor' is not installed properly - whatever that is

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Re: MDX 40 - stopping mid way through job?

Post by mrtn » Wed Dec 02, 2015 3:48 pm

Usually it's a comms issue. Always connect the machine directly to the machine. If so, then check another port, try other cables, as short as possible. Disable power management in Windows settings.
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