Looking for your opinions.....

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Looking for your opinions.....

Post by pikerr » Sun May 14, 2017 8:18 pm

Hello all, I am new to the engraving scene! I purchased an MPX-60 from someone a few months back with the intention of doing a small business from home as a second income. I am only interested in doing charms, key chains and maybe the odd zippo lighters (which I know fit into the 60).

I am still in the learning and practicing stages and was having a lot of trouble with a piece the other day which should have been a simple import of the pic, minor modifications and then the impacting step. Well, I wasted hours and many pieces trying to get this photo to look “right”. This frustration led me to think that perhaps I should be looking into a different MPX model. I am trying to do some research on the MPX-90. I am reading mixed reviews. Some love it and others have had nothing but a headache with it.

So, I am hoping to hear from anyone who owns the MPX-90 that can share both the pros and cons that you have dealt with using this model. I understand this model is better than the mpx 70 or 80, as it has re-incorporated the diamond tip, however, I am also seeing that the heads on the 90 need replacing often. This sounds pricey (as I am in Canada and all suppliers are either in the U.S or the UK, so I'm paying close to double the cost of what is listed).

Any advice and opinions are greatly appreciated as I'd like to get myself set-up and ready to advertise myself!


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Re: Looking for your opinions.....

Post by mrtn » Mon May 15, 2017 10:56 am

There are two real life facts here:

1) MPX-90 is the best of the bunch
2) Most issues are caused by wrong operation of the printer (media installed wrong, not level or straight, printing on edges of stuff etc).
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