Hey everyone

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Hey everyone

Post by wpncp » Thu Jun 22, 2017 7:18 am

So I just bought my first printer/cutter a Roland BN-20. Been in the sign industry for 20 years and done everything but run a printer! This is at home and just doing for fun basically. So I got it used on ebay, when I recieved it 2 cartridges where down to 20%, waste tank full, no cleaning fluid came with it, no wipers, I have been figuring out all this the last few days trying to get everything ordered and maintenance done. :D

Also never used AI before, but have managed to download VersaWorks ( because it didn't come with it) and figured out how to put contour cut lines on vector artwork. So I have some of the basics down. Long way to go. Found this forum from google searching as so far what I have printed has been very purple and pink, and the yellow is not really showing on the prints yet even after new ink (eco solvent, green star) installed. So I wait till my waste tank comes in to preform cleaning of the head and see if I can get it printing correctly. Yes it has been a fun few days learning all this wishing the prevous owner did a better job with up keep.


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Re: Hey everyone

Post by PhillyDee » Thu Jun 22, 2017 8:43 am

Welcome! Funny you should mention that, I have just purchased a BN-20 myself (demo unit) from my dealer :D. Luckily, I know versaworks and the rest, since I have a LEF-20 but there is always stuff to learn. Personally, I wouldn't use non OEM inks, its a false economy most of the time really.
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Re: Hey everyone

Post by Joe Wigzell » Thu Jun 22, 2017 9:21 am

Hey Wayne,
Nice to have you join the print army!
Where are you based? We run digital print courses based around our kit here at DG HQ (near Bristol)...if you're interested it may save you time on trial and error sessions.
If not have a good rummage around the forum, and also youtube
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