Sketchmate RP-11 / RP-21

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Sketchmate RP-11 / RP-21

Post by berenie » Sun Mar 25, 2018 8:53 pm


After a long search i finally had the opportunity to get a pen plotter for my hobby(machine) shop.
Now that the Roland RP-21G is here i'm having a hard time getting it to plot.

I am hoping a manual may clarify things a bit for me. Could anyone supply me with a scanned RP-11 or RP-21 sketchmate manual?

I have tried multiple machines (linux, windows, mac)(chiplotle, winline, inkscape).
Directly via a serial com port and tried two different ftdi 232 usb tty serial interface boards.

Whenever i send HPGL data it starts blinking the error led. The test plot function works fine.

Thanks allot!

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