van decal problem; PLEASE HELP!

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van decal problem; PLEASE HELP!

Post by dilby » Wed Aug 23, 2017 5:06 pm

Hi all-

I was really hoping someone could help me!

I am a graphic designer who often does work for a printer I know that does sign/vehicle/display graphics. A while ago as a bit of a favour he made some stickers for my campervan. I designed them in illustrator to match what was there, stripped them off, and he gave them to me, backed with application tape, to apply to my van. However they were very very wonky and in the end I couldn't use them. He said it was because there was so many fine lines it was impossible to get straight.

So I redesigned it to just be strips of blue vinyl with a gap in between, and he has said he'd need to supply each strip of blue, 'white' and blue as two separate thin strips, and to apply it without application tape. I had imagined you'd just have the plotter cut out a thin line in between and apply the whole thing to application tape, but he said that would be impossible to apply with soapy water and to apply the thin strips of blue one at a time (first as a guide) without application tape. Is this true? It seems a strange way to do things.

It really isn't easy to explain so I've attached a couple of images - please let me know if not clear. I'd really appreciate the help though as I need to get stickers on the van to sell it as I stripped it already and its getting near the end of summer! Thanks so much!

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Re: van decal problem; PLEASE HELP!

Post by mrtn » Wed Aug 23, 2017 6:31 pm

I agree, it's a very difficult job without the application tape. The tape gives it a lot of stability, plain vinyl will stretch a lot especially if you're not experienced with vinyl jobs.

I would cut the stripes with the application tape to size and use tape beacons to align.
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