Using the Tiling the Output in Versa Works

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Using the Tiling the Output in Versa Works

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I am busying doing a job that will be placed on 6 Sign boards that will then join together to make 1 big sign but i can't seem to get versaworks doing what i want i need to get the image into 6 section which i have done but i can't get an overlay on it as it only seems to allow an overlay on the outside edge i need a overlay so i can wrap the vinyl around the back of the board but it won't do that i also need to change the overlay colour from white to Black open to ideas and any help or advise.
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Re: Using the Tiling the Output in Versa Works

Post by Joe Wigzell » Mon Jul 08, 2019 9:32 am

You can add an overlap on all edges but in this example it woul donly be white (colour of media) as there is no graphic data there.
If you had a black border on the artwork, and cropped the image in VW before tiling, this would mean that when you add an overlap there would be data there.
You cannot choose an ovedrlap colour in VW though.
Hope that makes sense!
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