Friday Morning Quick Tip - Is it good for you?

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Friday Morning Quick Tip - Is it good for you?

Post by Adam Wyles » Fri Nov 18, 2011 1:11 pm

Good morning everyone and welcome to your ‘Friday Morning Quick Tip’
I am taking a slightly different approach this week, so here goes......

Unbeknown to many, Intelligence is not about knowing all the answers, but knowing where and how to find them. This is one of the many reasons why we introduced the Roland Forum in the first place and to bring you the answers and advice you need.

So today we have a slightly different “Friday Morning Quick Tip”. To help me, help you by posting relevant information and tips, some honest feedback would be greatly appreciated! You have already been on the receiving end of 7 weeks of Quick Tips! :ugeek: But do you find them useful? Do they help and more importantly what would you like to see in your “Friday Morning Quick Tip”?

So its Time to turn the tables....Is it good for you and how would you make it even more informative?

Please all enjoy your weekend and I really look forward to hearing what you want from the FMQT and also seeing you on the Roland Forum.
Adam Wyles
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