Friday Morning Quick Tip - Act now if you want!

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Friday Morning Quick Tip - Act now if you want!

Post by Adam Wyles » Fri Dec 09, 2011 9:36 am

Good morning everyone and welcome to your ‘Friday Morning Quick Tip’

I am sure by now you are all hearing the faint sounds of Santa’s sleigh bells in the distance and that where ever you go....Christmas this, Christmas that and shops are well into their Christmas me, that sleigh isn’t far away!

So don’t get left out – do the same! Think of something which could potentially bring in new business now. Perhaps even for the novelty factor, but use it to get in front of people who may never find you otherwise. Personalized and engraved decorations, Santa banners, flags, printed baubles, the list could keep going and going and going and.......To make any difference you do need to do something now, perhaps even a loyalty discount if they have something now and then receive a discount on something else they buy before the end of January or February 2012 (where has the year gone!!!)

Just as a thought, if you feel a promotion is something that would fit your business model, you could do something for everyone who has purchased a certain amount from you. A “thank you for your business” something.

Anyway, I am sure that eggnog is calling us all – or is it just me! Have a great weekend, enjoy your Christmas shopping and I look forward to seeing you all on the Forum next week.

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