Philadelphia Lenticular Lids

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Philadelphia Lenticular Lids

Post by Rick Mainwaring » Fri Jul 20, 2012 10:03 am

Lenticular printing has been around since I can remember, in fact the technology dates back to the 1940's. In essence it's very simple, a print made from several different interlaced images is viewed though a lenticular lens which isolates each image depending on the angle you are viewing from. It's usually a bit of a novelty and rarely fit for purpose which is why I imagine you don't see it that often, however it can provide companies with a great marketing tool when applied properly.

One such example can currently be found on the lids of limited edition Philadelphia cheese, to promote the versatility of the product Kraft have joined forces with packaging design specialists Holmes & Marchant to create a lid which changes from it's normal branding to that of a potential recipe that could be created by using Philadelphia. It's really subtle and an ideal application for this technology, keep an eye out when you are next in the supermarket.


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