Cutting order with VersaWorks Dual

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Cutting order with VersaWorks Dual

Post by StudioS » Sat Apr 13, 2019 12:15 pm

While I was using Roland VersaWorks I used to define cutting order with layers order in Corel Draw X7. Since we've updated to VersaWorks DUAL (ver 1.6.11) the machine is not cutting by my order but by its own algorythm.

This sometimes is rather helpful, when I get EPS files from someone who didn't pay attention to layer order so machine used to cut all over the place, now it goes from beginning to the end. However, there are situations and files where I simply must define cutting order. But machine simply doesn't listen.

Is there some magic click I am not seeing? Something to turn off?

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Re: Cutting order with VersaWorks Dual

Post by woolly » Sun Apr 14, 2019 10:53 am

had a look through the manual and no mention of it whether a feature or switchable in quite a few cutting programs you can switch 'sorting' or 'restrict media movement' on.
although generally its not to much of a problem and you must have your reasons else you would not have learned to overcome it. agree that with a large print cut the knife going from one extreme to the other to cut objects dotted around can upset the tracking we tend to concentrate on media handling more to give the machine a fair crack at it. normally very successfully.
sorting is really only helpful i think in cutting lots and lots of text going in the feed direction as it uses the start point of a loop and the next nearest to detect whats cut next, one large loop and its a waste of time. that's as i understand it anyway
be interested to know your problem may be to help others as well

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Re: Cutting order with VersaWorks Dual

Post by Kai Perry » Wed Apr 17, 2019 9:23 am

There isn't a cutting order function in any version of VersaWorks.

SignLab has this functionality as one of its features, but I'm not sure if using SignLab for VersaWorks enables this prior to outputting.
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