Profiles for LEC-300A

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Profiles for LEC-300A

Post by ThomasK » Thu Jul 30, 2020 2:41 pm

Hi. I'm new to Roland machinery. I recently bought a used VersaUV LEC-300A.
Does this printer only have Generic, and Generic II, available as "Media Type"?
On that note. What is the difference? The only different I've come across might be that Generic allows the use of 100% ink usage on each colors, but Generic II has a 200% total ink usage. (by looking in the media explorer i vw).
When to use what?

What about the Details > halftone? The only choice i have is Dither and Error Diffuision(v)? I've set it to the latter.
The reason I'm asking, is that I'm running Flexi19 rip software for my other machines (Summa, Epson, ColorPainter).
But the colors for print with this Roland is way off. Sort of muddy, darker, faded colors. Orange is yellow. And blue and red is almost completely dark.

The other printers have color corrections, and output profiles available.
But this Roland only have "Media". I have tried "Generic".

Is it possible to run this printer through Flexi19?

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Re: Profiles for LEC-300A

Post by Kai Perry » Thu Jul 30, 2020 3:28 pm


As the ink is printed to the surface of ther material rather than being accepted by the material, you don't need any further profiles.

The difference between the Generic 1 & 2 is down to the ink limit, 1=100% 2=75%.

You should be able to print to the machine through Flexi but it may not have the spot colours setup for White and Gloss.

The haltone is dependent on what type of output you are printing, error diffusin takes longer to rip and is best for imagery.

Is the test print showing correctly?
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Re: Profiles for LEC-300A

Post by ThomasK » Thu Jul 30, 2020 4:30 pm

Test print from versawork seems to be fine.
I haven't done a test-print from flexi. How do I do that? Printing a color swatch?

I'm not using white or gloss for now. I might, but haven't used any so far.

I'm using Adobe illustrator. And I tried to use the roland swatch library for colors in a design. Sent it to Flexi, and the colors had to be adjusted about 3 times brighter, more intens/saturated, before it got printed somewhere near the design.
When using VersaWork it works fine though.

The reason I'm using Flexi is, of course because of the other machines, but also because I couldn't get VersaWork to connect to the printer untill recently.
VersaWork couldn't find information on the device detected, then it couldn't find information about the ink set used in the device detected, and then there was something about that the ink an printer had a missmatch. I almost gave up :P

But now it seems like VersaWork 5.5.1 work ok.
Still having problem sending some advanced files to get printet and cutted correctly. Something gets messed up when mixing transparent png images with other vector artwork. The printer is printing the transparent image on top of the artwork, and brightens everything. The cuttinglines gets printet too, and not cutting at all...
That might be a missmatch of software?

I'm running Adobe Illustrator CC 2019 and 2020, and VersaWork 5.5.1...

Thanks for your reply Kai :)

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