Colors went all wrong in VersaWorks

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Colors went all wrong in VersaWorks

Post by tag4u » Tue Sep 19, 2017 10:18 pm

I acquired ownership of a small labels printing business built around a versacamm sp300v.
There are AI templates for the labels based on about 10 swatches. Some of them are spot colors and some of the are process. Seems like most of the swatches were created manually and do not belong to any of the color libraries which can be found in VW.
For 10 years those swatches were printed on the same machine with the same VW and looked the same. A couple of month ago, a certified tech replaced the black-cyan head on the machine. While doing checks he also changed something in the VW ( I think ).Since that day most if not all colors look completely different when printed. For instance, the Blue Swatch (100c 90m 0y 0k) became very purple. The grey swatch (11c 1m 0y 64k ) is now olive green.
I managed to take re-adjust blue back to what seems similar to the previously printerd blue by manually adjusting the Tone Curve ( did not really knew what I was doing, just experimenting). The Blue is ok now but other colors got affected .. Local Roland rep is not willing to send anyone to tune colors ( "we are not color specialists , we only serve the machine" ).
I did have a backup of the entire VW folder which I restored but it did not change anything in how the colors look - is there any chance the color adjustments ( if there were any ) were stored in the registry ??

Could someone please help me understanding what happened ? I am not even sure they did not change the Color Management Properties and why it all did not settle when I restored the complete SW from the backup ...

Please help me to restore the original print colors

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Re: Colors went all wrong in VersaWorks

Post by Joe Wigzell » Wed Sep 20, 2017 7:22 am

Couple of quick things you could try:

It could be the colour management preset you are/were using? (located in Quality tab)
Check that the spot colours are being converted (option under File Format tab)
All same settings? - Profile etc?

If you would like to learn more about colour, might be worth looking into one of our Roland Academy courses?
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