2 Perf Cut Questions

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2 Perf Cut Questions

Post by nclugbev » Fri Feb 23, 2018 12:45 am

New to our Roland 54" print and cut printer and versaworks duel. 2 questions that I cant seem to find information on:

1) If I set a perf pressure number and then rip the file, if i need to change that pressure, do i need to re-rip the file or will versaworks tell the roland the information?

2) We seem to be having a perf pressure issue. We had a little run with the media clamps, thank god it didn't hit the print heads, but it did jar the cut assembly. Our service tech came out and did some work, and replaced the cut blade. Prior to the event, our settings for kiss cuts on the roland was at 75 gf and perf pressure was at 175. now our kiss cut is set to 125 and i'm working on reworking the perf cuts, i'm up to 370 on my next run and i'm starting to get concerned.

I dont want to hurt my new printer, as i am sure folks will understand, i cant afford this right now lol

any suggestions? answers? thank you kindly :D

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Re: 2 Perf Cut Questions

Post by mrtn » Fri Feb 23, 2018 7:52 am

1) Versaworks will tell you any time you make changes to the print job when it needs to be re-ripped. Keep an eye open. Any other change will just register without re-rip.

2) Your cut head needs to be readjusted by your technician. It’s clearly knocked off its position. It’s a very delicate adjustment.
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