A bit of vinyl help for a mural

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A bit of vinyl help for a mural

Post by Joe Wigzell » Mon Apr 23, 2012 4:19 pm

Thought I'd share with you a wall in a kickboxing gym that I painted for a friend.

He wanted an image for inspiration whilst working out, with a zen-like theme and a few things that he wanted incorporated including a Buddha, kick boxer and tree.
I spray painted the majority of the image but utilised some vinyl cuts for the trickier parts - a symbol of life (above the tree) and a silhouette of a kick boxer.

I used the SP300i to print and cut the symbol, and cut the kick boxer. I used Adobe Illustrator to create an outlines using the 'Live Trace' tool which I then converted to a cut line using the allocated spot colour.

My friend was very pleased with the result! The vinyl saved time and worked great against the painted background.

Hope you like it!
Joe Wigzell
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