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Aira Power Suppli

Post by ottowyrth » Tue Sep 08, 2020 2:44 pm

Hi all,

I just bought a 2nd hand TB3 and it came with the System 1 power supply, will it not damate my TB3 to power it with the system 1 power supply?

Here are the difference in specs:
* TB3: PSD-120
* Input: 100/240V. 50/60Hz. 0.3A
* Output: 5.7V. 2.0A
* System 1 Roland PSD-230 EU
* Input: 100/240V. 50/60Hz. 0.8A
* Output: 5.7V. 2.0A

So it seems there is a different amper capacity.
I read in some forum that all AIRA products can share their power supply, but I'd like to have 2nd opinion / insights from people who know what their are doing!

Thanks all,

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