can't connect to printer (can't ping or nmap either)

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can't connect to printer (can't ping or nmap either)

Post by syn » Mon May 15, 2017 7:39 pm

Hello everyone, I'm trying to set up a Roland TrueVis VG540 on my corporate network, but I'm running into issues. I set a static IP for the printer so it always has the same IP, and I can see it connected to our network in our Network Access Control (NAC) program. In NAC it says the printer is accepted, and confirms that it is getting the static IP. My problem is that we can't print to it, ping it, or scan it with Nmap. It seems to me as though something on th printer is blocking us from connecting to it. Is there any reason the printer wouldnt respond to pings? Do these printers have some sort of built in firewall that would stop communication to it? I ran a Wireshark capture to see the ports that it uses, and I found that it uses UDP and SNMP to do all the communicating over port 53153, 50685 for the source ports on teh PC, and 161 for the destination port on the printer. I'm happy to provide more information, but I'm not excatly sure what kind of info you need. Can anyone assist me with this? Thanks!

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Re: can't connect to printer (can't ping or nmap either)

Post by Kai Perry » Tue May 30, 2017 11:45 am

You should be able to ping the printer, there aren't any firewalls for the machine.

If you are running the machine direct set you IP address and subnet mask to be in the same range PC: PRN@, then set the subnet on both to 255.255.255.

You should then be able to ping the machine.

If this dowesn't work what error do you get from the ping command?
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