VG-540 sheet cut without removing media clamps?

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VG-540 sheet cut without removing media clamps?

Post by RolandUser88 » Sat Jun 10, 2017 5:29 am


In the new TrueVIS machines (SG, VG) it makes you remove the media clamps before doing a sheet cut. On my old machine (VP-540), it didn't make you remove the clamps. The short clamps fit in the new machines and doesnt look like it will block the sheet cut blade. Any way to override the machine scanning for the media clamps?

One more thing, if the machine is in standby or if I turn the Sub. power off, there is still a pretty loud fan that stays on near the power plug area. Is that normal for this machine?
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Re: VG-540 sheet cut without removing media clamps?

Post by mrtn » Sat Jun 10, 2017 7:03 am

You shouldn't use short clamps in a TrueVIS machine. It has another type of heads which will not survive a crash with the media clamps. The short clamps look like skis with front ends pointing upwards. These will damage the head surface when lift up. VP heads are smaller and have a thick metal frame to prevent that.

The fan cant be turned off. There are also other Roland printers which have the fan running the whole time.

Other than that it's a great machine, cuts much quicker than the old models. You just need to maintain it as the schedule requires. TrueVIS ink dries very quickly and needs to be bleaned more often than VP. That's why you also have the cleaning liquid in the machine - the whiper is always soaked.
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