XV5080 inoperative - and won't enter Test Mode

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XV5080 inoperative - and won't enter Test Mode

Post by Korky » Sun Dec 03, 2017 3:55 pm


A plea for help, in the slim hope someone might read this....

My XV5080 recently stopped working altogether - the 'battery low' message suggested that was the problem. Having just replaced the battery and performed a full factory reset, the unit still says 'battery low'. The same symptoms prior to the battery replacement are persisting - the MIDI message light shows incoming data, but it makes no sound at all, not even when playing the ROM demos. It also ignores incoming SysEx data. The System/Info screen shows no expansion boards and no RAM memory - even though the unit is stuffed to the gills with expansion boards and RAM. Essentially my XV5080 is as a stone.

I've tried numerous attempts to enter Test Mode (holding 'Exit' while powering up, then pressing 'Preview' when the intro screen appears... but it won't even go into Test Mode.

Has anyone experienced anything similar to this, or have any idea what could be the problem?

Thanks for any info that might help!


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