BN-20 dripping ink when performing perf/contour cut

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Re: BN-20 dripping ink when performing perf/contour cut

Post by mrtn » Wed Feb 14, 2018 11:32 pm

Ink pumping (klak-klak-klak) with the print carriage slightly to the left from parking spot is normal. The vacuum pump loads up the print head with ink and drains the unnecessary drips from the capping station by offseting the head and sucking the captop dry.

The dirt in question may be anywhere in the bottom of the head carriage. As the carriage is so close to the media it picks up any hair or dust on the media and now as it moves left and right it also absorbs ink fumes and mist in the dust until a critical mass is achieved and it drops on the media.
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Re: BN-20 dripping ink when performing perf/contour cut

Post by robbo78 » Wed Feb 21, 2018 2:42 pm

Hi mate, I appreciate your help but this definitely isn’t to do with dirt on the head. When it makes the klack klack noises halfway through a cut I can immediately see the drip form on the head and it’s only a matter of seconds longer in the cut process that it gives up and drips onto the media.

What’s more is that if I perform a smaller cut job I don’t get any issues at all.

Is this just a fault with my machine or can all BN-20’s not cope with long winded cut jobs?

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