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iModela enhancements

Post by LIBERTY_UK » Fri Jan 12, 2018 9:23 pm

Even though I own bigger MDX machines, I am still a keen fan of the little iModela machines. They work brilliantly with wax and take up such a small space in the workshop. I actually own three of these little gems.

After what seems like an endless search, I finally managed to acquire not only one of the Delcam rotary fixtures that allow these little machines to create complex rings, but also an original Delcam flip fixture, that allows accurate multi sided machining. Both of these items totally transform the machine, but are almost impossible to obtain nowadays, since Delcam was taken over by Autodesk and all the machine side of the business closed.

Of course as well as the fixtures themselves, you also need some powerful design software as well as the ability to customise a specialist postprocessor, but it just shows what the iModela could have been, with a little more development time.

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