software ruler to use with design

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software ruler to use with design

Post by chevy6600 » Tue Nov 06, 2012 11:28 pm

Hi all, i found the imodela creator program lacking in a ruler and on my laptop you cannot even see the sizing at the bottom of the program as it gets pushed off the bottom, but i have found a free program that superimposes a ruler over the top of any program that measures pixel by pixel, here is a screen grab of me running 2 instances of it. It has various options so give it a go, it`s better than nothing. Apart from allowing you to take measurements to enable in a comparison fashion, it allows the ability to line up different objects as you would a ruler in reality. I would of found this of great help when i did my `diy 4th axis project `.
If you fancy a go this is the link as this is free ware they encourage you to down load other adds and downloaders etc that's where they make there money i guess but the adds etc. can be uninstalled if you inadvertently install them. The `install` button is the actual words in small print ` click here to start it manually.`
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