Gcode problem or is this another bug?

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Gcode problem or is this another bug?

Post by chevy6600 » Mon Dec 10, 2012 9:19 pm

Hi guys, i have been trying to do a bit of small routine coding and have come up against a brick wall trying to get a `dwell` or delay working. If you look at the small program attached here you can see on this line "N7 G82 X10. Y10. Z-7.007 R-4.007 P2 K2" , the `P2` is supposed to be the `dwell` according to the imodela code manual, the `G82` is also the code that supports the dwell function which according to the imodela code manual is also supported. But no matter what configuration i try, and all kinds of tweaking i have tried, for the life of me i cannot get the imodela to work with the `P` function part. So the question is have i discovered another bug or is there a way to get the imodela to carry out a dwell function :?:
Now i guess the first thing that may be pointed out to me is that the `P` is not listed amongst the `word list` at the back of the manual but it is in fact explained in some detail on the use of it on page44 and onwards of the NC CODE REFERENCE MANUAL and the IMODELA MASTER GUIDE page 66 refers to the functions G82 drilling and the G89 boring function both of which use the `P` dwell function. I might also add that the `Q` function is also not on the word list but it does work and function as intended per the rest of the manuals so what has happened to the `P` function :?:

N1 G90
N2 G21
(test program)
N3 F240.
N4 S5000M03
N5 G01 X10. Y10. Z0.
(drill with a dwell)
N6 F7.
N7 G82 X10. Y10. Z-7.007 R-4.007 P2 K2
N8 G80
N9 G01 Z0. F7.
N10 M05 F240
N11 Z0.
N12 X0. Y0.
N13 M30

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