Re-starting a job

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Re-starting a job

Post by fingerpuk » Wed Aug 07, 2013 4:10 pm

Is it possible, I know in my head it's not but I'm hoping with my heart, to restart a job if you've lost where the job was paused? The drill head came loose from the two brass collars that sit on the threaded bars (horrible noises etc). I've fixed the fault and set my origin etc again, machine is fine, but the job was 1/3rd through. I could start from scratch and mill air for 2 hours but I'd rather not waste the time.

I can see mods happening already to improve this little thing. Although I'm already starting to really enjoy it. 8 hours ago it arrived, already it's gone wrong, been fixed, and going again. :)

Now if only I could find less that horribly expensive tools. Anyone? Please, I can't send £20 per tool!

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